Softwashing services in Hull, 
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We provide a variety of services you can count on, one of those being expert softwashing.

Specialist softwashing solutions

Soft washing is a term that is becoming popular in the pressure washing and roof cleaning sector. It simply means to clean a given exterior using a much softer amount of pressure than most would traditionally associate with a pressure washing company. What is the difference between a soft wash and a pressure wash? 

Soft Wash specializes in roof and exterior cleaning through soft washing and pressure washing.  The main reason is that roof and exterior cleaning by the "soft wash" method is just more effective and less damaging than pressure washing.

A soft wash is designed to kill the contaminates growing on your home.  Pressure washing on the other hand uses brute force in an attempt to remove the mildew, fungus and algae, or what some people call mold or roof mold.  The issue with pressure washing is that you need to get extremely close to the surface being cleaned which can cause damage. Soft washing will seep into the root and destroy from within. This process can also last up to four times as long.

All our services are fully insured and we hold a public liability insurance of £5 million. To request a quote, send us a photo of whatever needs to be cleaned to or call us on 07552 310 054.
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Softwashing can do everything powerwashing can do!

With longer lasting results and a more effective clean for:
  • Patios, shop fronts and decking
  • uPVC, car parks, driveways and block paving
  • Pool maintenance and conservatories and roofs
  • Floors and treatment with fungicides and weedkillers
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Wood's Cleaning Services provides decking cleaning, paving cleaning and treatment, softwashing, builders cleans, uPVC cleaning and a range of other cleaning services in East Yorkshire/North Lincolnshire.

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